Declaration by Employer

1) I undertake to provide updated information, documents and statements, which are true and correct as required by the Controller of Work Permit.
2) During the foreign worker's stay or employment in Singapore, I shall be responsible and bear the costs of the worker's upkeep and maintenance. This includes providing an acceptable accommodation and a safe working environment. If the worker dies while in Singapore, I shall bear the cost of burial or cremation or the return of the body to the country of origin.
3) When the foreign worker's employment ceases or is terminated for any reason, I shall inform the Controller of Work Permit in writing within seven (7) days of such cessation or termination and return the work permit to the Controller. I shall at my own cost, repatriate the foreign worker when his work permit expires, is revoked or cancelled or when the Controller requires.
4) I shall cancel the Work Permit and repatriate the worker if I do not require his service or if I do not wish to renew the Work Permit. I understand that it is an offence to allow my foreign worker to overstay or to work without a valid work permit.
5) I shall give my worker prior notice of his repatriation. I shall also pay my foreign worker all salaries due to him. All monies due to my worker shall be paid before his repatriation.
6) I shall not retain the original Work Permit or Visit Pass and shall allow the Work Permit or Visit Pass holder to retain his Work Permit/Visit Pass.
7) I undertake to maintain a record of the wages paid to my foreign worker, and to produce the record upon request by any public officer.
8) I shall not send the foreign worker to work for any other person or in an occupation which is different from that specified in the work permit or visit pass. I shall not contract my foreign worker out to other persons. The foreign worker shall be under my direct employment and I shall be responsible for the supervision of the worker.
9) I shall send my foreign worker to medical examination by a registered Singapore doctor as and when directed by the Controller of Work Permits.
10) I shall provide acceptable accommodation and employ the foreign domestic worker to perform only household/domestic duties at the residential address as stated in the work permit.
11) I understand that for the transfer of domestic worker from a current employer to a new employer, it is an offence for the current employer to allow the worker to work for the new employer and for the new employer to employ the worker before a new work permit is issued.
12) I am not related to the foreign domestic worker.
13) I shall inform the Work Permit Department of any change to my residential address stated in the application form within 14 days of such a change. (applicable to person who is not a Singapore Citizen or PR)
14) I shall cancel the work permit or visit pass and repatriate the worker upon cessation of my business/company or when I do not require the worker's services.
15) I shall ensure that my contract of service with the foreign worker does not contravene any provisions of the Employment Act. I understand that failure to comply with the Employment Act may affect my future applications for work permits.
16) I shall produce my foreign worker to the Controller of Work Permits as and when I am required by the Controller to do so.
17) I understand that if I breach any conditions above, I may be prosecuted and the Controller will revoke the work permit or visit pass and I will be barred from employing foreign workers in future.

Further and in addition, I hereby declare that -

1) I have read and understood the Conditions of Work Permit pertaining to both employer and employee. I shall abide by the Conditions of Work Permit (Employer) during my employment of the workers.
2) If my foreign worker breaches any of the work permit conditions, I undertake to cancel the work permit or visit pass and to repatriate the worker.
3) All particulars given in this application form are true and correct and I hereby give consent to the department to verify the particulars with any government agencies.
4) I am aware that if I make any false statements or produce any documents which I know to be false, I shall be guilty of an offence.
5) I am/am not* an undischarged bankrupt.

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