Standard Contracts

At last there is a standard employment contract between employers and domestic helpers and one between employers and Singapore maid agencies.

The two standard contracts approved by the two accrediting bodies the Association of Employment Agencies (Singapore) and Casetrust are especially beneficial to the first-time employer and the domestic worker. There are no small prints or onerous one-sided clauses loaded against an inexperienced employer.

Caveat: However, we have seen one Service Agreement with significant terms modified, (we believe without the approval of its Accrediting Body. If you come across a Service Agreement that differs from what we have posted here, check with the relevant Accrediting Body to ascertain that it changes have been pre-approved. But it is highly unlikely that approval has been given. For a Standard Contract is no longer standard is amendments are allowed.

The two accrediting bodies are:

  1. AEAS Tel: 6836-2618, 9 Jalan Kukoh, #03-73, Singapore 160009 Email:
  2. CASE Tel: 64611800, 170 Ghim Road #05-01, Singapore 279621 Email:

The employment contract is a step in the right direction, though more could be achieved. The domestic workers should now know what to expect such as terms of payment to the maid agency, duties expected of them, the size of the host family, not like before. Provided they do take the trouble to read the terms.

The first-time employer will benefit because there are no surprises springing out of small prints and sometimes a mangling of the English language which make it quite impossible to understand the service agreement with the maid agency.

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