I have found a most wonderful maid.

Dear HipHipHurray,

Case studies are generally meant to highlight problems and how they can be dealt with; to reverse an unfavourable situation; or to suggest counter measures to prevent similar problems from arising in future. But they may also highlight the more successful relationships and provide an example of what to do to create an harmonious lasting employment relationship.

The posts on the forum alluded to earlier do give the impression that employers are a sorry lot, exploited by the maids (whether they be Filipinos, Indonesians or Burmese) who benefit from them; and far from reciprocating, these maids actually make life miserable for their benefactors.

And it appears that there are more horror stories going the rounds than success stories such as the one posted by Gloria at expatsingapore.com. Perhaps it is the very nature of us human beings - we complain when we are not happy and, when are happy, keep silent when we should be shouting from the highest rooftops. Is it because we are afraid to shout before we are out of the woods? Or are we afraid to "speak too soon"?

Gloria and others in their posts in expatsingapore.com are pleased with their maids and after reading all the horror stories, they have decided to share with others their happiness at having found a great maid, to do justice to good maids who have been tarnished by their unprofessional colleagues. Gloria and others have shown that there are good maids "out there". Well, since we are at it, permit this chronicler to relate yet another success story. It could have been written by one of our clients, if she were disposed to shout for joy.

This lady, whose name translated means Beautiful I shall refer to as Rose, for the rose is a beauty too. Rose recently asked us to help organise a visit by her former maid Evangelina Arellano, her real name, of San Fernando, La Union, Philippines, her real place of abode. Evangelina came to Singapore to work for Rose in January 1984, when she was about 40 years old, a widow with a couple of children to support.

After 12 years, Evangelina, who went home for vacation every two years to visit her children and their guardian, her own mother, called it quits. Mainly because her presence was needed at home for an extended period. A couple of years ago, Rose asked us to remit some cash gift to Evangelina, contributions from every member of the family, including the children Evangelina cared for when they were very young. Then a couple of weeks before the last lunar new year, in 2001, Rose asked us to arrange for Evangelina to come for an all-expense paid visit to Singapore, as Rose's guest. Evangelina stayed for only three weeks, although Rose and her teenaged children would be happy if she could stay longer. She had to go home because of some litigation over her farm.

Rose's family has grown larger and so has her house and now she has two maids. One of them is an Evangelina Arellano in the making. She has taken Evangelina's place since the latter went home in 1996. Like Evangelina, she is happy to work for Rose and Rose is happy to have her around for two more years and then two more and .....

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