Evangelina's house is damaged by hurricane.

Dear Rose,

For you, horror stories about foreign maids do not exist, perhaps because you not only understand them, but have also been fortunate in arriving at a perfect match, for that must have been the case with Evangelina.

There are many like you who appreciate their domestic help and treat them well. They would qualify as ideal employers. And indeed, if their domestic employees are articulate enough they would describe them as ideal employers.

You let Evangelina go out every other Sunday. Perhaps you paid her more than the minimum pay. But expatriate employers generally let their maids off every Sunday and sometimes on public holidays too. And expatriates are not so fussy about when the maid must be home on their days off.

Yet, the maids who work for expatriates seem to take some things for granted and they seem to forget their original objective when they first came to Singapore. Only last week I witnessed one sacking.

The maid, a university graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, who had been a teacher for a couple of years in her own country, was fired apparently for not being at home when her host family returned home from a short trip. The employer, an expat, had not told her when she and her family were coming back and neither did she find it necessary to ask. She just had to do her own thing, whatever it was. And so when the family returned home, she was doing her own thing somewhere else.

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