My friend's maid bolted as soon as the car arrived at the airport.

Dear Worried,

If Alice knew about the Security Bond Protector, she would not have worried unnessarily. If Betta did not want to go home to the Philippines,, she need not lose her $5,000 security bond. She could have subscribed to this Security Bond Protector plan whereby for a small premium, the insurance company would pay 95% of the security bond (or $4,750) if the maid's work permit is cancelled and she is not repatriated within one month.
As at 01 November 2014, this last bit of info is true. But it may change without prior notice.

But since Alice obviously did not know about this Security Bond Protector she did not insure herself against people like Betta or Mrs Candide Knott. Someone caught in the same way has only the following options:

  • call her maid's bluff and wait for her to emerge from hiding early enough, i.e., within 30 days of the cancellation of the work permit. If the maid is not repatriated during during the grace period, Immigration Department has the power to forfeit the $5,000 bond.
  • make it worth her while to go home - promise her you will bring her back at double the salary and you will give her the whole weekend off, and she does not even have to come home during the weekend. (It probably won't work.)
  • plead with Ministry of Manpower to reinstate her work permit so that she can stay with you long enough to transfer to work for another employer. Oops, really to give hell to another employer.

It is no use to cry over spilt milk, and the following is for future reference:

An emplouer can subscribe to the Security Bond Protector at the time she applied for hospitalization insurance and letter of guarantee and be protected against the likes of Betta and Mrs Candide Knott.

For a modest premium, the insurance compay will pay Immigration Department $4,750, the insured party (employer) co-pays $250.00.

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